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Journal Dedications and Torah Sponsorships
  • Includes a dedicated Chumash $18,000
    Includes one of the following sections* or 2 Parshiyos $10,000
    Includes a dedicated Parshah $5,000
    Includes a dedicated 1/2 Parshah $3,600
    Includes a dedicated Aliyah $1,800
    Includes a dedicated Column $1,200
    Includes 2 dedicated Verses $900
    Includes a dedicated Verse $600
    Includes 2 dedicated Words $360
  • Includes a dedicated Word $250
    Includes a dedicated Letter $150
    Does not include journal ad $118
    Does not include journal ad $72
    Does not include journal ad $36
  • Every $300 in advertising entitles you to a complimentary reservation.

     *Aseres HaDibros, Parshas Birchas Yaakov, Parshas Birchas Kohanim,
    Parshas Az Yashir, Parshas HaMon, Parshas Ha'azinu, Parshas V'zos HaBracha

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    Email camera ready art to

Please hold complimentary reservations included with ad purchase.
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